The products and platforms we developed and are developing for our clients.

eClassic Driving Experience

eClassic offers high-end simulators to classic car collectors, aficionados, and businesses.
The eClassic simulators focus on driver friendliness and convenience during their usage.
Enginius supports eClassic in the development of software relating to the interaction and convenient usage of the simulators via the eClassic app.
Enginius further assists eClassic by bringing innovative ideas and concepts to the table.

Gioielleria Italiana

Gioielleria Italiana is an innovative startup that is innovating the business by shortening the traditional supply chain in the production and distribution of classic jewelry.

Enginius, as the technology partner and external CTO, is responsible for the design and development of the B2B ecommerce, the supplier management platform, and the cutting-edge jewelry configurator that can be easily inserted into most common e-commerce systems as a simple plugin.


ClyUp is a circular fashion community with a marketplace that focuses on sustainability and upcycling issues.
Enginius, as the external CTO, has coordinated the development of ecommerce to enable users to give a new life to their belongings, integrating blockchain technology to certify their uniqueness and history.
Each purchase also supports specific charitable campaigns in line with the community’s values.

Anonymous project - protected by N.D.A

It is the B2B platform designed to help restaurateurs manage their business.
Through algorithms that combine statistics with artificial intelligence, the platform is able to take care of order planning, reducing unsold material and minimizing the cost of capital tied up through a sales service.
Enginius holds the role of External CTO and is responsible for the development of the entire platform, the order self-generation algorithm, and the apps.

OpenData Playground

A recruiting platform and community of data experts, developed by Open Search Concept, aimed at the Italian Stem+ community around the world, which aims to attract and evaluate the best talent through two types of challenges: an analytical one, with an algorithm that determines the final ranking of the competition, and a descriptive one in which the client evaluates each solution by determining the final ranking positions.
Platform design and development. The main feature is the ability to associate each challenge with an algorithm via a Javascript function.
This way the results uploaded by users are processed and the rankings updated in real time.
logo Open Search Network
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It is the most watched talent show in Italy and also owes its success to the digital platform that accompanies the broadcast and allows viewers to interact by voting, clapping, leaving comments and playing games through the website, iOS and Android apps, Sky set top box, SMS and Social networks.
We supervised and advised on the setup and management of the Mobile and Cloud voting platforms, the applause meter, and the real time application control system.
We also designed and developed the voting integration system.

This holding company was the first client to believe in Enginius, entrusting us with all the technological developments of their startups.

We built their programmatic advertising platform, which includes a DMP (Data Management Plaform), a console for campaign management in both managed and self-service modes, a multichannel DDAM (Data Driven Attribution Model) and a CMP (Consent Management Platform).

They have been one of our most loyal customers for over 8 years.

Twinkly - Developer Console & effect creation

Twinkly is a consumer product that consists of smartphone-controlled iOT Christmas lights, covered by a patent that allows the location of each LED to be identified and unique lighting effects to be generated.
The developer console is a webapp that allows you to create and simulate javascript effects directly on your device layout.

We developed the portal, including a javascript sdk for effect generation and 2D and 3D previews.
We created some effects in both Javascript and C for the firmware.

Twinkly - Voice assistant integration

Integration of voice assistants (Google home and Amazon Alexa) for the purpose of commanding on, off, color, and light intensity of Twinkly devices.

We developed integrations with Google Home and Amazon Alexa APIs to authenticate users, command Twinkly devices, and notify status changes.

Twinkly - Video2Effect

The system is capable of transforming images and videos into lighting effects for Twinkly lights arranged in both 2D, 3D and conical (Christmas tree) modes.

Starting from our own ideas, we designed and implemented the system.


Clean energy trading service.

Enginius was responsible for the design and creation of the form for capturing the location of solar installations on maps.

Dastech ERP

A customized ERP for managing orders, work orders, and maintenance activities.

Enginius was responsible for the design and development of the entire system.


Application of Robotic Process Automation to manage flows in a manner consistent with export, import and transit control regulations for armament materials.

Enginius was responsible for the design and development of the frontend starting from the User Experience to the integration with the backend.

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