Innovative products and R&D

We develop projects based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Big Data

The development team is working on the R&D of several products.

Data is the basis of our work: we develop Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

After designing and developing successful platforms and services for our clients for years and contributing the quality of our work and ideas to their growth, we have decided to use the skills we have acquired to create innovative products that we will put directly on the market. 

We have devoted part of our team to R&D activities for these products, and we are establishing a dedicated marketing department. 

Data is the foundation of our projects, algorithms and artificial intelligence are the tools that enable us to process it to simplify processes and provide innovative solutions.

Our products are:  


Adest is an inventive brand and product placement platform in live and on-demand video. Thanks to augmented reality elements and “deep fake” technologies, it will be possible to enjoy live and on-demand video content with diversified advertising products for different audiences.
In this way, the user will be able to follow a movie, a music video or a sporting event without having the perception of “disturbance” caused by normal banners or advertising interruptions.
The product was started under the name Lumiere, in July 2021 it was rebranded and is now called Adest.


Jarions is the ideal software for companies that use various communication channels and need to manage emails, conversations, voicemails and documents. Content from various channels and in different formats will be easily accessible through an integrated, shareable space where it will be automatically aggregated, categorized and organized.

Just as we did for Adest (formerly Lumiere), in July 2021 the product name was changed from Bridget to Jarions. 

bridget enginius


GreenQuest is a project that aims to revolutionize the ESG market, creating a sustainable circular economy in which actors are rewarded for their green, good, and impactful actions through tokens built on a green blockchain.
We are creating a cryptocurrency based on verified green activities, whose value will have a major impact on the amount of activity performed.


CloseBuyIt è un ecosistema di servizi B2B e piattaforme che supporta i negozi ad essere competitivi sia con i colossi online che con le catene fisiche favorendo il processo di multicanalità. È un servizio di e-commerce B2C di alta qualità, che supporta il tessuto imprenditoriale locale e ne garantisce la sostenibilità.

Our team helps you to analyze and develop your ideas.

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