A personalized wine list as an opportunity during the crisis

In early 2021, we developed a new solution in FoodTech, a system to be able to print custom wine list for our client The Winesider.
We developed the platform during the Covid-19 pandemic with the idea of creating a product that would support restaurateurs and their businesses at a fairly difficult time for the food industry.
The Winesider chose Enginius as its technology partner for the evolution and reengineering of its platform because from their first meeting in Talent Garden Genoa they found commonalities and a desire to bring innovation to the food sector. We started the collaboration by providing several backend and frontend solutions and designing and releasing the system to print the wine list. Our expertise in technology has made it possible to concretize and shape the innovative ideas of The Winesider by developing the food sector.
With this solution, we have contributed to the creation of targeted services that can change the way wines are sold in a dark period for the economy and the Ho.Re.Ca. market. During the past year, our team has analyzed and implemented this solution by hooking it to ecommerce and services to support restaurateurs, generating innovation and landing in FoodTech.

Enginius enters FoodTech and brings innovation to the wine world

From the first contact with The Winesider, the project seemed innovative, and it was an excellent opportunity to actively enter the world of wines and launch into a new field for us: foodTech.
The purpose of the project was to develop software capable of generating a useful wine list for restaurateurs and sommeliers. The card can be customized according to different templates, wine origin, food pairing or by type, recreating a unique and dynamic product. The idea is to intercept and respond to the very specific need of the restaurateur who needs to manage the wines in the cellar and sell their products.
With the customization of the card, in addition to supporting the restaurateur in managing inventory and stock availability, The Winesider app becomes a useful tool for increasingly comprehensive and transparent communication to customers.

How did we develop the paper of The Winesider?

After a consulting period with The Winesider, we began to take an increasingly active role until we developed a 360-degree project by structuring a customizable and printable wine list.
The project started in November 2020 during the national lockdown period. Thanks to our team, the skills of the PMs and Developers, we were able to carry out all activities while working remotely, confirming the teams’ adaptive and proactive abilities, an element of our company’s strength. Our PM managed the workflows with the development team and the company, kept the pace and deadlines to be able to deliver a finished, working, effective product in line with The Winesider’s requirements. Our developers worked following a particular approach dictated by the lockdown conditions and were able to manage the development and resolution of issues until the platform release on April 15, 2021.
We divided the project into several phases: analysis, development, testing, release.
Throughout the duration of the project, we made an assessment of the client’s requirements, analyzing the available elements and possible design avenues, reviewed the software architecture and did a “software reengineering” by creating a new functionality for an easily scalable and customizable technology, ready to handle new services and business models, finally, we developed an MVP, Minimum Viable Product, to introduce the product to the market.
Our team tested each step before releasing the functionality and finally hooked it up on the website in a dedicated area
We have not only thought about the backend but also about the graphic part, our team has implemented several templates that allow customization of the wine list in both digital and printed formats.
The development was fairly straightforward, with no particular issues found other than minor glitches corrected during the work phases thanks to a team that was precise and attentive to every detail.

The Winesider: the online wine shop

The Winesider is an innovative FoodTech company that was created to support restaurateurs and has recently implemented an online wine shop service. Founded by Gianni and Giacomo Miscioscia, the innovative SME aims to simplify the process of wine purchasing for restaurateurs through a digital wine store. One of the big innovations in addition to the customized card we mentioned earlier is the consignment sale, circumventing the problem of unsold inventory and reducing storage volume. In fact, the company has devised an innovative purchasing methodology as an online wine shop, which can charge the restaurateur only for the wines it actually sells, so as to be able to meet expenses and have economic benefits in a time of crisis such as the one we are experiencing.
In addition to financial support, The Winesider has set the goal of increasingly simple and effective control toward sales data, margins, and product rotation, so as to achieve less waste and contribute to greater efficiency in restaurants.
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